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Awad & Awad LLP
33 West Valley Street
Pasadena, CA 91105
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Practice Areas of Awad & Awad Law Office

Corporate transactions / Business counsel

Our corporate transactions / business counsel practice is well equipped to handle the increasing complexity of business transactions. Our attorneys represent a variety of corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals.

The firm services the day-to-day legal needs of numerous small and mid-sized businesses, advising for-profit and non-profit corporations in preparing and reviewing contracts and resolving disputes, as well as providing advice concerning corporate governance. In addition, we advise individuals about the formation, operation and liquidation of partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies and corporations.

Real estate law

Our real estate attorneys advise both commercial and residential real estate clients, representing developers, landlords, and tenants in the acquisition, development, construction, operation, financing, leasing and sale of property, including apartment buildings (residential income); office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use and residential developments.

Our attorneys can help you get deals done and advise you when you should avoid others.

Health care law

Our health care attorneys have experience serving our physician clients, as well as medical clinics and small hospitals. We advise these clients in many health care-oriented business transactions.

Labor and employment law

Our labor & employment attorneys represent both employers and employees in virtually all workplace-related issues, including discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, trade secret protection, wage and hour claims and occupational safety and health issues. Our experience in representing employers and employees gives us a unique perspective to assist each group.

Our attorneys regularly counsel employers on aspects of labor and employment relations. We advise our clients on a day-to-day basis regarding numerous labor and employment-related issues, including assistance with specific termination or discipline matters.
Much of our work and advice is preventive in nature, conducted with the goal of minimizing or eliminating the employer's exposure to liability and costly litigation. Our primary goal is to use our legal knowledge and business experience to assist managers and companies in anticipating and preventing employee-relations problems through education, training and counseling. To further that end, we draft employee handbooks & personnel policies, as well as contracts to help reduce misunderstandings and illegal behavior. However, if issues do arise, we can handle all phases of dispute resolution.

For the employee, we are highly experienced at evaluating and prosecuting legitimate claims of discrimination, harassment and wage and hour violations. We are at the forefront of current developments in this area.

Litigation (Trial and Appellate)

Our litigation attorneys are experienced in a variety of litigation matters, including contractual disputes, real estate disputes, personal injury and employment issues. We represent clients at the trial court and appellate levels, mostly in state venues in California. We also appear before arbitration, mediation, and other types of alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Recognizing litigation can often be a costly endeavor; our lawyers are committed to managing cases efficiently and cost effectively. We also work with clients to reduce exposure to litigation. Thoughtful analysis is given to the cost/benefit of litigating claims so from the beginning, clients fully understand the consequences of litigating, settling or avoiding claims altogether.

When our clients are involved in litigation, we aggressively defend or advance (as the case may be) our client's interests to achieve the optimal solution. The firm's experience covers all aspects of litigation, including injunctions, attachments, restraining orders, motion practice, discovery, trials, appeals and alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys are aided by experienced support personnel to help ensure accuracy and professionalism.

International law

Though the firm does not currently practice in any foreign jurisdictions (i.e., outside of California), it has at its disposal many business and legal contacts in countries around the world, including leading law firms in Egypt, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. These contacts can provide invaluable local advice, help facilitate international transactions and help resolve complicated trans-national issues. Currently, our staff communicates in Arabic, French and, of course, English.

Please also visit Akram Awad's mediation website -- www.ax3mediations.com -- for more information regarding Akram's services as a mediator and arbitrator.